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Taekkyon circles in Germany

Here you find a map with known Taekkyon circles in Germany. The links inside the map refer to contact information to the specific circle which is listed under the map. For more information please visit their homepage and/or contact their contact person.

Map with Taekkyon training locations in Germany [verweissensitiv]
Taekkyon circle - Berlin Taekkyon circle - Berlin Taekkyon circle - Frankfurt a.M. Taekkyon circle - Frankfurt a.M. Taekkyon circle - Hamburg Taekkyon circle - Hamburg Taekkyon circle - Juelich Taekkyon circle - Juelich Taekkyon circle - Luebeck Taekkyon circle - Luebeck Taekkyon circle - Duesseldorf Taekkyon circle - Duesseldorf
Taekkyon circle Berlin:
Practicetime: announcement (2005-11-09)
Because of a stay of the trainer in Korea there is no workout in Berlin for now. If there are changes you will be informed over the "New"-box on the "Home"-Site.
http://www.tfh-berlin.de/~s714400/taekkyon/ German flag
Taekkyon circle Dusseldorf: (once Neuss)
Friday: 20:00 till 22:00
Gymnasium of the secondary modern school at the Ratherkreutzweg (right next to the suburban train station "Rath Mitte")
Jörg Ischebeck • 0049(0)177-50 25 828 • Joergischebeck@web.de
Taekkyon circle Frankfurt a.M.:
At the moment, we are building up a new group in Frankfurt (Main). We still need more people who are interested to join this group. So, if you live in the area around and have interest in taking part please send an email to info@taekkyon.de. We will provide you with further information then.
Taekkyon circle Hamburg:
Lacation (and practicetime):
The location is in Hohenfelde: Hohenfelder Straße 28 - 22078 Hamburg
More information like approach, position plan and so on under http://vaga-bunt.de/taekkyon/hamburg/ deutsche Flagge
Hendrik Rubbeling • 0049(0)40 - 982 643 02 and 0049(0)1577 - 384 67 68 • vaga-bunt@web.de
Taekkyon circle Jülich:
This page is only online due to remembrance of the circle in Jülich. There is no workout anymore. But you can view pictures and videos from the early steps of Taekkyon in Germany. http://www.tz-juelich.de.vu/ German flag
Taekkyon circle Lübeck:
Practicetime and Lacation under:
http://www.uni-luebeck.de/studium/hochschulsport/sportangebot.php deutsche Flagge
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Marc Sauer • 0049(0)451-87 91 016
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