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There are almost all kinds of techniques in taekkyon:

  • Hand (punching etc.)
  • Head (head butts)
  • Shoulder, elbow, knee etc.
  • Joint locks
  • Pressure, choking etc.
  • Kicks
Most of all, taekkyon is specialised on high kicks, low kicks, sweepers, hooking and throwing. That's why it is also called "Bigak sul", which can be roughly translated as "technique of the flying leg".

There are also rare techniques, which are not practiced in most other martial arts, like cartwheel, handstand, kicking when being on the ground, pinching etc.

The only kind of techniques which is not taught is what is today known as "grappling", as practiced in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or in the ground work in judo.

Nowadays, some associations (mostly the KTTA) also include stick fighting. Knife defense is also practiced by some associations occasionally.

The kind of taekkyon which could be described as "combat taekkyon" is called yet beop. However, originally, the term yaet beop was only used for some very distinct techniques (see General information on Taekkyon.)

More about the techniques of taekkyon is currently only available in German.

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