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This is a detailed site about Taekkyon (TN), a martial art from Korea.

  • Taekkyon combines fight and dance.
  • Taekkyon unifies power and elegance.

Here, you can inform yourself unhurriedly about Taekkyon.

typical taekkyon jump kick

Taekkyon - light like a butterfly, powerful like a tiger

Taekkyon is a Korean martial art that looks dance-like.

A special, unique breahting technique is used in taekkyon.

Taekkyon is athletic as well, as there are many jumps and high kicks in the advanced level.

The 'Deutsche Taekyon Zirkel' is no federation, but a network. We want to provide objective and neutral information on this martial art and connect the taekkyon world. Consequently, we give access to all different kinds of associations and training groups.

We are looking forward to your visit. Or, if you live too far away from Germany, just write us an e-mail if you have any kind of question or comment. We will answer definately!

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Deutscher Taekkyon Zirkel

Spelling Information: Internationally, different dictions are frequently used:
  • Taekkyon - this is probably the most common spelling. It is close to the correct pronounciation.
  • Taek-gyeon / Taekgyeon - the revised roman transcription, which is used since 2000.
  • Taekyon - this spelling is used by many people from the taekwondo scene.
  • Taek(k)yun - further spellings, which are sometimes used in Korea, too.
Besides, there are many other forms of spelling; a detailed text can be downloaded in German in a PDF-format "Zum_Begriff-Taekkyon" (20,6kB). (The same as in the download-sction)
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